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Friends! Have you heard of the "75 Hard" Challenge?  It's a great concept, however it may not be attainable to everyone.  Whether you have health and mobility issues like me or some other obstacle in your way, you should not be excluded from the program!   That's why I'm making a more mild version of 75 Hard!   I don't know about you, but I sometimes have a hard time sticking to my goals and get frustrated if I'm not accomplishing everything I hoped to in a day.  I'm challenging you to commit to a few goals for 75 days.  If you miss one of your goals, you start back at square one.  The idea is to do everything on your...

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Instagram Live Sales

What is an Instagram Live Sale? Instagram has a feature where users can share live-streaming video.  We use this feature in a multitude of ways: to share important news updates, catch up with you and also host LIVE SALES! We will go live on our Instagram @ronniethebearofficial  Live sales typically last for several hours with a few breaks in between, so grab a snack, get your comfy pants on and get ready to hangout with us and shop!  If there is a change to a live day, we always post on Instagram and you can always see the next live sale date on our profile. Live Sales are a great way to see the newest items first before they are...

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