Have you heard of the "75 Hard" Challenge?  It's a great concept, however it may not be attainable to everyone.  Whether you have health and mobility issues like me or some other obstacle in your way, you should not be excluded from the program!


That's why I'm making a more mild version of 75 Hard!


I don't know about you, but I sometimes have a hard time sticking to my goals and get frustrated if I'm not accomplishing everything I hoped to in a day.  I'm challenging you to commit to a few goals for 75 days.  If you miss one of your goals, you start back at square one.  The idea is to do everything on your commitment list every day for 75 days.


I know that sounds intense, but I love competing with myself and I really do think this mindset of having to start all over if I miss something will help push me and keep me accountable to myself.  Also, don't forget this is the mild edition.  You don't have to make insane goals like running 10 miles a day (unless that's your jam!)


If you'd like to join me, I made a few printable/downloadable trackers to help track my progress.


What will your goals be?  For me, I will go out walking every weekday, read 10 pages, be at or under my calorie goal (all days except for payday Friday/Saturday--what!? I have to look forward to something! lol!), drink a gallon of water every day, track my progress on my tracker, and do something to better my business!  


I'm excited to share in the journey with you!  Feel free to tag me @ronniethebearofficial on Instagram if you join me and use the hashtag #RTB75Mild



Click here to download the summer edition tracker (above)


Click here to download the neutral summer edition tracker (above)

Click here to download the neutral edition tracker (above)



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