About Me

Hi! I'm Ronnie!  

Crystals have changed my life. No. seriously, hear me out. 

My dad helped me start my 'rock collection' when I was little by purchasing a rock tumbler.  We'd find any rock that we thought would polish up nicely, start up our rock tumbler and let it clunk away all day and night until our stones had been transformed into something magical!  Now, I collect ethically-sourced crystals from all over the world to use as tools in my daily life.  From grounding to self love, these crystals connect me to myself and the Earth.  


As you may notice, spheres are my absolute favorite crystal shape.  (My mom likes to remind me my crystal sphere collection is just a combination of my rock and marble collections I had as a kid)  I always felt odd placing a crystal--a piece of NATURE--onto an acrylic ring sphere stand.  Something about that energy pairing just did not sit well with me! So, I set out to remedy that.  I've united with my dear friend, Rebecca, to bring you these absolutely stunning sphere stands (which can also double as vases if you're a plant parent)  The clay is formed with EARTH and WATER, dried by AIR and solidified by FIRE.  We have also woven our souls into these pieces of art.  I described to Rebecca my vision and she intuitively created these pieces as I talked about my dreams.


I am so happy to bring you these pieces and to share a piece of my soul with you.